About Us

Pillow Aid TM is a very good product, and went on sale at the end of 2012. In 2015, the creator learned of an even better, more versatile product: SlumberSleeve TM. He decided to contact the inventor of SlumberSleeve, and the result is that Pillow Aid and SlumberSleeve will be offered together at this website. Pillow Aid will be free with each SlumberSleeve purchase!

In the fall of 2011, the creator of Pillow Aid, troubled by ongoing rotator cuff pain and chronic arm circulation problems related to sleeping position (arm falling asleep, or “dead arm“), went in search of a product to help him fall and stay asleep. As he tried to fall asleep, he knew that he only made matters worse by sleeping on his side, with his arm stretched out under his pillow directly under his head. He also knew that this side sleeping is the only way he could fall asleep. He learned that 65% to 70% of all people are side sleepers.

He quickly realized that no pillow product on the market effectively addressed either of his dual problems. He also realized that in order to get the relief he needed, he would have to devise his own solution. After a rigorous trial and error process, and many prototypes, Pillow Aid was born.

The creator realized that at the crux of the issue, the weight of the head is THE culprit in his sleep discomfort and pain. He learned that the average head weighs 10 pounds, and he learned that very quickly, this weight…bearing down through his pillow…caused the sleep pain and discomfort problems he was experiencing.

He realized that in order to fully address this problem, he would have to think outside the box in order to find the solution to this problem. Pillow Aid is the counterintuitive, revolutionary solution to the problem of head weight.

Pillows are constructed of soft materials. This softness is needed for comfort. But because they are soft, the weight of the head eventually creates pressure on the arm and shoulder, causing discomfort and pain.

The solution came by coming up with a tube…one that is strong enough to easily support the weight of the head. But, this  tube also had to be small, light-weight, flexible, easily  transferable, and durable. And crucially, this tube had to be thought of not as a replacement for a pillow, but rather as an aid to a pillow, thus…Pillow Aid.

This tube had to give the user just enough arm room, when in use,  to keep it “free” within the tube, and “free” from the weight of the head.

Superman has his fortress of solitude. Your arm has Pillow Aid…the fortress it needs during sleep for freedom from head-weight  pressure, discomfort,  and pain.

We proudly offer Pillow Aid, a product fully “Made in America”, produced and sold from the heartland of the country…in St. Louis, Missouri. We truly hope it helps you in your quest to fall and stay asleep…free from the discomfort and pain that so often interferes with a good night’s rest.

“Arm and shoulder pain got you down? Keep your head up…with Pillow Aid.”