“I want to let everyone at Pillow Aid know how happy I am with this product. I have used it for a little over a week now, and I’m already getting significant relief from my arms falling asleep, which wakes me up constantly, in order to get the circulation going again . What a pain that is!  Well, it used to wake me up, and it used to be a pain, until I got Pillow Aid. I tend to flip from one side to the other during my sleep, and Pillow Aid is easy to transfer from one arm to the other. I have a pillow that is just right to use with Pillow Aid, and I am surprised by the freedom of my arm within the tube. Even as it goes “out of round”, I just leave it that way, because I still have plenty of room within the tube to support my head. I am already sleeping much better, now that I have this new relief from my arm circulation cut- off problem. For the price and the help it has given me, I highly recommend this great new product.”

Thanks, Pillow Aid!

Gene H. (St. Charles, MO)